Hello, World.
I'm Jundana Al-Basyir.
A Software Engineer Based in Semarang, Indonesia.

A Little Bit About Me ...

Let me give you a brief introduction to myself. I’m a Software Engineer from Indonesia. I learned Software Engineer from various online courses and attended events to gain knowledge.

In my career journey, I have worked for a few companies and currently, I am a freelancer.

Recent Work ...


Work That Speaks Itself

Since I started working as a Software Engineer, I have followed the principle of “With great power comes great responsibility”. It’s my first and primary duty to keep my clients happy.

In my projects, I love creating things that drive people surprised.

Get in Touch ...

Don't Be Shy

If you are starting to create a website and looking for a reliable developer to develop your own website, you are at the right place at the right time.

Fill up the form with details and I will help you. 😊

  • +62 81395204900
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